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Kevin Ray Brost is a Roots Music singer and songwriter blending elements of blues, country, folk, rock, and gospel into a new, signature sound. Growing up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on the Mississippi River, Brost was exposed to a melting pot of musical influences. Since the age of thirteen, he has incorporated vocals and guitar to create original material. Now he’s bringing his soulful, bluesy sound to Nashville, building on the city’s tradition of legendary music by crossing classic vibes with a modern, innovative edge and has had opportunities to open for popular artists such as Devin Dawson, among others. 


Brost released his first single, Stay, in August 2016 with his next single Take Me Home (Acoustic Version) following shortly thereafter in April 2017. In September 2017, Brost launched his debut EP, Lost in the Void, an authentic, bluesy, five-track EP that explores the challenges, emotions, and questions one faces during life’s difficult transitions. Brost's newest single, Better As a Memory, released in October 2018 and is out on radio across the country.


Brost’s passion for music stems from its power to connect people from all walks of life. Since first singing in church as a child, Brost has viewed music as a means of bringing stories to life. Influenced by the greatest songwriting duo of all time, Lennon and McCartney, Brost’s songs draw from different perspectives to deliver an emotional impact. Starting with a particular message in mind, Brost builds on ideas from many different experiences to create music that is both personal and relatable. He has been sharing his music with audiences since he was a teen performing in downtown Cape Girardeau. Even at such a young age, Brost held his own among older musicians, creating his first band at fourteen and performing for listeners of all ages. At eighteen, Brost formed a trio he played with for a few years, experimenting and perfecting his sound and musical skills along the way. Now, he aims to bring something new to Music City and the world with his solo debut and forthcoming projects.

Kevin Ray Brost’s first EP, Lost in the Void, showcases his talent, musicality, and unique ability to convey story through sound.